Climate Science Teach-In

ROC-MFS will host a Climate Science Teach-In in conjunction with the 2019 Rochester Climate Strike. Join us to learn more about the research and science behind our understanding of climate change. Topics covered in this teach-in include:

  • The climate system
  • Radiation and convection
  • The ‘greenhouse effect’
  • Forcings and feedbacks
  • The carbon cycle
  • Climate models and other models
  • Assessing the evidence
  • The future climate
  • International cooperation
  • Climate and social justice
  • The climate ‘debate’
  • Denialist narratives and how they fail
  • Communicating about climate change

This event is cosponsored by Rochester NY March for Science and the Rochester People’s Climate Coalition.

Full session*

Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 24 and 25, 7-9 PM

Condensed session*

Thursday, Sept. 26, 7-9 PM

Location for both sessions

First Universalist Church of Rochester, Clara Barton Room

150 S Clinton Ave, Rochester, NY 14604 (accessible facility)

RSVP with session you plan to attend, to

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