Join the thousands across the country with March for Science’s WEEK OF ACTION. Make your voice heard and let your elected and appointed know that science matters.

MONDAY: Local Advocacy

Today, ask your local officials to commit to sustainability!

Local advocacy is key to change. Individuals can and should make personal efforts to commit to more environmentally friendly behaviors, but individual changes will not drive the change we need for the future – we need organizations, companies, and institutions to commit to change.

On a local level, sustainability means broader changes in the spaces where we work, live, and interact on everything from water structure to energy efficiency.

Let’s demand our officials focus on sustainability in Monroe County and Rochester!

TUESDAY: State Advocacy

Join advocates around the country in calling on Governors to commit to the Paris Climate Agreement. Every country save the US is committed to the Paris Climate Agreement. While states can’t commit the country, they can independently pledge to uphold the agreement.

WEDNESDAY: Federal Advocacy

Send a message to Congress: millions of science advocates across the country are calling for scientific integrity and equitable, evidence-based policies.

We demand the support of scientists at federal agencies.

We demand funds allocated to scientific research.

We demand the appointment of *scientists* to science roles

We demand science agencies commit to their mandates (EPA, NASA, etc) and we hold them accountable.

We demand freely and accessible communicated science.

THURSDAY: Agency Advocacy

Ask the Department of Education to commit to Next Generation Science Standards in our schools.
Advocate for next generation science standards in our schools.
Focus on empowering and engaging young people of all backgrounds with science.

Engaging young people with science is vital to our future
Essential to entering the 21st century workforce and creating engaged citizens for the future

Science is still largely WHITE and MALE. We must change that by making deliberate efforts to engage young people in historically excluded communities in STEM and by elevating the stories of people of color in STEM fields.

FRIDAY: Get out and VOTE!

Check your voter registration status. Encourage others who are eligible to register to vote. But don’t just register- VOTE! Make your plan for November 6, 2018 and cast your VOTE FOR SCIENCE

November is not the end point of this movement or any campaign – it’s a new opportunity to make science heard!


Photograph By Becker1999 from Grove City, OH – March for Science, Washington, DC, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=58241634

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